politics of reason

Liberal politics is the politics of reason. (…) Reason became the new transcendency, annulling the power of God because it appealed to the best in people´s minds, to their uniqueness as a conscious species capable of understanding and controlling life, anticipating the future, and appropriating nature after millennia of being subject to it. (…) The politics of reason was modeled upon this principle, and still is. (…)

Yet, what if emotions and feelings are essential components of the decision-making process? What if emotions and feelings ultimately decide the way in which politics, and power-making in general, construct meaning, and thus behavior, to determine action that is rationalized rather than rationally decided?

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    17. Oktober 2012 um 11:19

    [...] ist natürlich nicht zufällig entstanden, sondern beeinflusst von dem Text, den ich gerade sozusagen oben drüber lese. So ist das überall, btw: Wenn man krank ist, sieht man nur Kranke; wenn ich fürchte, dass meine [...]